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ATH-1100A Adjustable Tool Holder, Advanced


The ATH-1100A Adjustable Tool Holder is designed to work with the HCT-1000 or as part of the MRS-1100A System. The tool holder uses the Advanced Head Assembly which features 4” of Z axis adjustment, 1/2” fine adjustment of the X & Y axis as well as 30° Ɵ adjustment. It also features locking hand-piece retainer, Z axis stop and mounting configurations for stand-alone operation or integrated as part of the MRS-1100A. The ATH-1100A is sturdy and easy to attach to the PCT-1000 Programmable Preheater when incorporated into the MRS System.

Features and Benefits:

  • The ATH-1100A can be attached to the PCT-1000 or used as a standalone unit thanks to its base plate. ATH-BASE Optional Base plate for ATH-1100A.




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