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TS8100-100 PC Pump is a continuously volumetric pumpvolumetric dispense designed based on Progressive Cavity (PC) technology. Thepump can accurately dispense a wide range of fluids, from low viscositycoatings to high viscosity greases.

Techcon’s PC Pump uses a special stator and rotor design to provide accurate and consistent dispensing output. The pump can dispense a wide range of fluids, from low viscosity coatings to high viscosity greases.

The turning rotor on the TS8100 moves the fluid in tightly sealed cavities through the stator’s fluid chambers to create a volumetric fluid flow that does not change the shape or size of the fluid. Due to the PC pump’s unique dispensing technology, accuracy and repeatability of ± 1 percent is achievable.

The TS8100 comes standard with a syringe bracket, mounting bracket kit, luer lock fitting, cleaning kit and dispensing tip selection pack.
Recommended Controller: TS580R Smart PC Pump Controller

  • Technical Specification

Part Number:


Size (Imperial):

8.1'' Length x 1.34''

Size (Metric):

205.7mm x 34mm


13.4 oz (380g)

Fluid Inlet Port:

?'' NPT female

Fluid Outlet Port:

Luer taper and cap


24 vdc

Dispensing Volume Per Rotation:

0.012ml average

Flow Rate:

0.15 – 1.04 ml/min

Min. Dispense Amount:


Precision ± Absolute:

± 1% * [ 1 ]


2 bar (30 psi) * [ 2 ]

Direct Mount:

3 – 55ml Syringe

Mounting Port:


Viscosity Range:

1 – 300,000cps

Wetted Parts:

Acetal, SS*, PFE*, UHMWPE*

* [ 1 ] Volumetric dispensing as absolute deviation per complete revolution and also depends on dispensing fluid.

* [ 2 ] For fluid with viscosity of 1000 Cps or lower. The pump can handle up to 5.5 bar (80 psi) for 300K Cps viscosity fluid.




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