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Upgrade Kit Dual Hand-Piece and Workstand


Upgrade Kit includes:

(1) Dual Hand-piece MX-HPDC

(1) Workstand MX-WHPDC

The success of conduction soldering depends upon the availability and controlled flow of thermal energy into the connection during two critical phases – flux activation and intermetallic bond formation. Higher thermal demand applications such as microwave shields, heavy block type housing and tabbing, preheat applications, BGA removal as an alternative to convection, cell phone shields, and industrial lugs and leads require additional thermal energy during these critical phases.

To address these challenging applications, Metcal offers the MX-HPDC dual cartridge hand-piece with the MX-WHPDC workstand for use with the MX series power supplies, along with a new series of 5 SMTC dual-shaft cartridges.  Dual shaft cartridges are available with 700 & 800 series heaters.

Recommended configurations:

  • One MX-5200 power supply in dual-simultaneous mode to provide 40W of power to both heaters
  • Two MX-5200 power supplies to provide 80W of power to both heaters

Compatible with:


Dual Cartridge Chisel, 7.5mm            



Dual Cartridge Chisel, 10mm          



Dual Cartridge Chisel, 15mm           



Dual Cartridge, Hoof, Drag, 7.5mm   



Dual Cartridge Chisel, Bent, 10mm        


The Hand-Piece and Worstand are also available separately.




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