Hand Soldering, Convection Rework,
and Fume Extraction Applications

  • Hand Soldering
  • Convection Rework
  • Fume Extraction

Hand Soldering Applications

Metcal soldering stations and soldering irons are highly effective for applications such as: lead-free, high mass components or boards, thermally sensitive components requiring low operating temperature, high volume production soldering, conduction rework of SMDs, touch-up of very small components and desoldering of through-hole devices.

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Extending Tip Life   Soldering Techniques   Rework Techniques
Components Removal   Pad Clean Up   Desoldering
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Convection Rework Applications

Because of the complexity of today’s assemblies, array packages rework such as BGA rework requires the right systems and techniques. A successful rework not only restores the functionalities of the assembly, but also is a cost effective method. Here are some application examples.

 Double Sided Rework

PoP Rework 

 Lead Free Array Rework



 BGA Pad Clean Up

 LGA & QFN Rework

 APR Series Applications


Flux Dip Process 

 Micro SMD Rework

Reballing Kit 


Removal With Tweezer Nozzles 

 Rework Fushion Quad Pack

 Rework TIU PCB's


 Component Removal with Pre-Heating

 Conduction & Convection

 MRS-1000 Series Set up


MRS-1000 Series Profiling 


Fume Extraction Applications

While lead-free solder is good for the environment, it increases the need for fume extraction. Metcal fume extractor systems have a highly efficient filter to remove all the toxic solder fumes and keep workers healthy.
These systems offer innovative designs in small, portable units that are quiet and easy to set up but deliver the power to extract all harmful fumes.

How to Safely and Easily Manage 

 Solder Fumes in the Workplace Webinar

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System Configuration

Lead Free Solder

 Health Risks
List of Absorption Ability


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