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The considerable challenges of hand soldering, desoldering and reworking lead-free solders are well researched. Narrow processing windows, coupled with the risks of damaging delicate componentsand PCBs with excess heat, as well as wide Delta Ts across PCBs and components, mean thatprecision and control in heat management are critical. Especially as these operations are generally performed at the end of a line, where the value of the PCB is at its highest.

That’s where Metcal's powerful SmartHeat® technology comes in. Incorporated into our soldering iron range as standard, SmartHeat® takes the guess work out of heat management by sensing precisely the amount of heat energy needed at the pad and providing this instantaneously.There is none of the temperature “overshoot” that is so typical of standard handheld tools, whose tip temperatures are constantly on the move. In this way, with no need for operator interventionor calibration, SmartHeat® automatically keeps temperatures and Delta Ts down, eliminating the risk of heat damage to components and boards, while ensuring reliable lead-free joints in arepeatable process. By widening the process window, SmartHeat® reduces operating costs while delivering higher yields and productivity. What’s more, process control is in-built and there’s no need for operators to change settings and no time wasted with recalibration.

Lead-free soldering and rework underscores the need for a thermally repeatable and accurate process which is made possible with all Metcal SmartHeat systems. 


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