UFTC Ultrafine Soldering Cartridges– Conical – Full Range Overview 
Temperature series and codes

7 = 700 Series for most standard applications.
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0.13mm x 5.1mm (.005"x .20")
  UFTC-7CN02 Conical
0.2mm x 5.1mm (.01" x .20")
Conical Bent
0.2mm x 5.5mm (0.01" x .22")
  UFTC-7CN04 Conical
0.4mm x 5.1mm (.02" x 0.20")
  UFTC-7CNL04 Conical Long
0.4mm x 8mm (.02" x .31")
  UFTC-7CNB04 Conical Bent
0.4mm x 5.5mm (.02" x .22")


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