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OK International is excited to announce the rebranding of OKi products to Metcal.  All OKi branded products including soldering/ de-soldering, hand-held convection tools and equipment, fume extraction and fluid dispensing will now be unified globally under the Metcal brand name. This rebranding will make the Metcal product line accessible to a wider audience by carrying forward the value proposition created by the OKi brand. Metcal, the brand you turn to for your Electronics Bench Tool Solutions.

We anticipate to have all OKi products rebranded to Metcal by the end of September, 2013.  This rebrand is being handled as a rolling change, meaning that we will start manufacturing Metcal branded products per the schedule below, but the OKi branded products in our warehouses as well as our distributors warehouses will cycle through the system until depleted.

For most of the products, it is simply a logo change, the product will remain functionally the same, with the same performance and warranty as was previously on the OKi branded version.  There will be a few cosmetic changes as described below.  
Following is a breakdown of when the Metcal version will begin to be produced:


Start date    Item #        Notes
 July 1, 2013        PS-900 Soldering System
   Logo change only
    Soldering Cartridges & Tips    Inserts on consumables will read Metcal
    BVX Fume Extraction Series    Logo change only
    MFX Fume Extraction Series    Logo change only
August 1, 2013   

HCT-900 & HCT-1000 Convection Rework

   Logo change only (and faceplate color change on  HCT-1000)
    PCT-100 & PCT-1000  Pre-heaters    Logo change and faceplate color change
    Boardholders    Logo change (where applicable)
    Fluid Dispensing    Logo change on all fluid dispensing systems and  consumables
 September 30, 2013       MFR Series    Logo change and faceplate color change
                                             (MFR cartridge & tip hand-pieces will also have a style change, more details to follow)






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