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Metcal’s new CV Monitor software collects vital process information!


Improve your solder process traceability and create a performance baseline using CV's intelligent cartridges plus CV-5000 Monitor software. Using our Connection Validation patented technology, CV Monitor software allows you to capture solder process information over time for each joint when attached to the communication port. You'll get:


     • Intermetallic Compound Formation (IMC Formation)*
     • Power demand
     • Tip temperature
     • Solder time


Now that you have a baseline, you can quickly analyze your soldering performance, identify changes in your solder conditions, and make changes to your process. Download the free CV-5000 Monitor software and start monitoring your process.


*Metcal Exclusive

CV Data Collection Monitor

  Date Product   File Download Version 
   2/1/18  Connection Validation   Instructions PDF 377KB  1.10
   2/1/18  Connection Validation   CV5000Monitor   143.5MB  1.10






Firmware update from V1.41.00 to v1.50.38 will change the following:

     • CV optimization
     • Add functionality for UFC AND UFT cartridges
     • CAdd functionality for CV-H2-UF, CV-H4-PTZ and CV-H4-UFT

  Date Product   File Download Version 
   2/5/18  Connection Validation   Instructions PDF  167KB  1.50.38
   2/5/18  Connection Validation   AN1388 Source Code  5.0MB  1.50.38
   2/5/18  Connection Validation   CR5200r1_50_38  1.1MB  1.50.38


* During initial software installation, your system may require an update to its software drivers. We recommend an active Internet connection during this time.

If trouble continues, please contact an IT professional.



SCORPION Series Software Updates

Download the latest version of the Scorpion software V1.13 for new features and bug fixes :

     • Change cycle advance delay from 10 secs to 1 sec

     • Only alphanumeric, underscore and space are allowed for file name

     • Update logo and flash screen

V1.13 is now available in  12 languages :

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Polish and Vietnamese.

Contact us if your language isn't listed.

Installation Instructions:
     1. Download the latest software (V1.13. After unzipping the file, please change the file name to "UPDATE".
     2. Transfer file "UPDATE" to a USB Flash drive with a 2GB or greater capacity
     3. Turn the power OFF to the Scorpion
     4. Insert the USB Flash drive with the software into an available USB port
     5. Turn the power on to the Scorpion
     6. The system will automatically detect and install new software
     7. Eject and remove the USB Flash drive when complete

  Date Product  Download Version 
   11/30/17 Scorpion



APR-5000 Series Software Updates


Note: You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader for using the APR-5000 Series Software. If you do not have Acrobat, please click HERE to download

Metcal has upgraded the power output of its APR-5000-XL and APR-5000-XLS machines in order to handle extremely demanding rework applications. These new machines also require updated software to run both sets of under-board heaters at the same time. Please note that this new software will NOT run on previous generation machines as their internal hardware and wiring are not designed to handle the increased current (Amps) required by the new software.

The software (Version 2.03.25) in the first box below can only be used on the APR-5000-XLS, Serial Number 002000 or higher or the APR-5000-XL, Serial Number 001500 or higher. 
OK International has also upgraded the power output of its APR-5000-DZ versions of the APR-5000 machine in order to handle extremely demanding rework applications. This new, updated software (Version 2.03.21), will run both sets of under-board heaters at the same time. Please note that this new software will not run on previous generation machines APR-5000E.

New features:
     • New dual simultaneously operating subzones provide additional power for faster and safer rework operations
     • New software enables fast and easy profiling
     • New subzone design speeds up the process while allowing the operating temperatures to remain lower protecting the component and the PCB

Key benefits:
     • Increased productivity
     • Precise thermal control across critical assembly regions
     • Reduction of rework cycle time protects the component under rework from thermal damage
     • Better management of the narrow lead-free process window without reaching excessive peak temperatures that damage components, connectors, other solder joints and the PCB substrate
     • To receive your software update, you will need the Serial Number (S/N) of your machine. It is located on the label on the back of the APR system, at the bottom left.

     1. Choose your APR-5000 model 
     2. Open Install Instructions document, APR Software Install Instructions for detailed information on how to install the software.
     3. Open the document Setting Passwords for APR Software for information on how to set passwords.
     4. Begin your download by clicking on the corresponding link below 
     5. To install the downloaded software, you will need to extract it first using winzip, which can be downloaded from here.
     6. The following is the latest versions of the APR-5000-XL(S) Series Software, 2.03.25 and the APR-5000-DZ Series Software, 2.03.21

APR-5000 Software update

  Date Product   Notes Download Version 
   11/05/2009  APR-5000-XL   S/N 001500 or higher 30MB  2.03.25
   11/05/2009  APR-5000-XLS  S/N 002000 or higher   30MB  2.03.25 
   06/23/2010  APR-5000-DZ    8.4MB  2.03.21

The 2007 software update included: 
      1. Strobe lighting with adjustable modulation rate, selectable top & bottom illumination control
      2. Thermal Tweezers Nozzle process for mechanical removal of odd form components, package on package, stacked devices and sockets
      3. New password protection mechanism offering full security control
      4. Detail Process Instruction that can be linked to any profile including pictures and diagrams
      5. User-friendly temperature and duration setting that allow real time adjustment for precise process control
      6. Selectable dual zone pre-heater for fast ramp up and efficient cooling, essential with lead-free. (Note: Only available on APR-5000-DZ & XL/S.)

The 2007 APR-SOFTWARE is backward compatible for all systems in the APR-5000 Series beginning with the serial number 00259. For systems that have serial numbers 00101 to 00258 please contact your local OK International Representative.

  Date Product   Notes Download Version 
   10/11/2007  APR-5000   S/N 00259 or higher  6.34MB  2.02.51
   10/11/2007  APR-5000-XL(S)  6.29MB  2.03.12 
   10/11/2007  APR-5000-DZ    6.40MB  2.03.12
             The following are downloads of older versions of APR-5000 Series Software, which do not include the upgrades.
Date Product Notes Download Version
11/07/2005 APR-5000 S/N 00259 or higher 6.40MB  2.01.20
11/07/2005 APR-5000-XL(S) 6.39MB  2.01.20

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