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WRS-CORD ESD Coil Cord 1.8m 10mm Snap


Metcal High Quality Grounding Product


- Coil Cord 1.8m
- 1 Meg resistor both ends
- 10mm Snap/10mmSnap
- Color: Black


The body housing contains a female snap in size of 10mm, with resistor, joined in series to the conductor with ordinary banana plug of another snap on the other end.

The ground end of the cord is molded with single nylon material (strain relief/ body housing)

Conductor: diameter is 2.5mm with 7 tinsel wires.

Insulation: coil cord is insulated with PU material.

Electrical Properties
The cord conductor has an end to end resistance not greater than 50 ohms. Resistivity: current limiting resistance = 1 meg ohm + 20%

Breakaway Force 1 to 5lbs of pull away force is required to disconnect the snap in a normal disconnect direction.

Ground Lead Extendability:
Cord should return back to at least 85% of its original length in less than 10 minutes after hanging for 24 hours, with 1KG weight on the other end.  Connection Integrity The tensile strength of the end connections shall be not less than 66% of the tensile strength of the wire, and in no case shall it be less than 5 lbs. 




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