Download 3D Objects

Here are some of our creations that you can download. We will continue to expand our library and happily share it with you.

Simply click on the image or object name and the STL file will start downloading.

3d objects - caged squircle   3d objects - debbie cup   3d objects - flat heart
Caged squircle Debbie's Cup   Flat Heart
football 3d objects   3d objects greek cube   3d objects - rook piece
Football Greek Cube   Rook Piece
3d objects slot card holder   3d objects TETRAFUN   3d objects - twirly vase
Slot Card Holder Tetrafun   Twirly Vase
3d objects - flashlight holder   3d objects - tie clip parametric  
Flashlight Holder Tie Clip Parametric    
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