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Techcon Systems offers a comprehensive range of high reliability and precision dispensing needles for many fluid and adhesive dispensing applications. The range includes specialty dispensing needles such as the TS-SS Series, an all metal version for automatic processes and the TF Series Teflon® lined tips to prevent clogging with difficult fluids such as CA’s (Cyanoacrylates). Color coded hubs help indentify internal diameter.

  • 700 Series Syringes
  • Specialty 400 Series
  • Dispensing Tips
  • Accessories
700 Series Syringe Barrels & Components
Our 700 Series Premier dispensing components are silicone and chloride free and designed to work with industry standard equipment. 700 Series dispensing components ensure accuracy, repeat ability and productivity.
Syringe Barrels
Syringe Barrels Kits
Air Powered Pistons
End Caps
Syringe Barrel Receiver Head
Manual Syringe Gun
Manual Plungers & Pistons
Tips Caps
400 Series Syringes
Syringe Barrels and Plungers
Syringe Barrel Receiver Head
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 ​New Precision Nozzles
 ​TE Series
TE Bent Series​ 
BT Brush Series​ 

 ​TT Taper Series
TF Series Teflon ® Lined Tips
TS-P Series Flexible Tips​ 
TS-SS Series Metal​ 
TS Series 
Dispensing Tip Kit
TS Series Metal


In-line Fluid Filter
 ​Replacement O-rings

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