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TS416-HO-HD-1000 High Output Series Nozzle


Nozzle 4'' X 1/16'' (101.6mm x 1.6mm) Orifice, HD, HO

The TS416-HO nozzle series is newly added to the portfolio presenting the continuous improvement to meet market and application demand. The HO- High Output - nozzle series has the same external dimensions and orifice diameter as the standard series nozzle, however, the internal fluid path is designed with minimal flow restriction to provide the highest fluid throughput possible. Also available in Low Density (LD) Polyethylene.


•    Optimum internal fluid path design – provides highest fluid throughput

•    Reduces operating time – generates higher yield

•    Lower air pressure requirement – reduces operating cost and enhances safety

•    Easy for manual tip cutting process – reduces operating time, cost and enhances safety

•    Requires less bending force – reduces operating time, cost and enhances safety

•    High Density (HD) Polyethylene

•    Quantity = 1,000




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