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The new medium size TS1254 pressure tank is designed to accommodate low to medium viscosity fluids, including solvents, adhesives, as well as Cyanoacrylate (CA). Equip with pressure relief (safety) valve and couple with stainless steel chamber, the TS1254 provides safe and secure dispensing for all applications. Airtight lid seal ensures there are no leak points for air or material. 

The material feed line is located in the center of the lid to allow direct and continuous feed path from the material container to the valve inlet. The TS1254 is supplied with ¼” (6mm) Teflon tubing to provide resistant to all types of dispensing fluids. An optional 4mm tubing kit (TS1252-4MM) is available.

Product Comprises of:

  • Fluid tubing 6mm (natural)
  • 6mm Air tubing

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fitted with 6mm "through" compression fitting

  • Technical Specification


Operating Pressure: 70 psi (4.8bar) max
Standard Tube Size: 6mm; included with the unit
Internal size (Imperial): 6.5” x 4.75”
Internal size (Metric): 165.1mm x 121mm




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