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Techcon Systems TS1258 pressure reservoir/tank is designed to accommodate fluids that are supplied in bottle/container form. Constant air pressure forces the fluid from the bottle through pre-installed tubing up to the point of dispense. Black fluid tubing is available for UV applications. Compression fittings are used on the lid of the pressure reservoir/tank to ensure a continuous fluid path to the dispensing valve. Air-tight seals ensure there are no leak points or air entrapment problems and that fluid touches nothing but tubing from pressure reservoir/ tank to the dispensing valve. Disposable polyethylene fluid lines can be changed quickly and easily.

Product includes:

  • Fluid tubing 1/4'' (natural and black)
  • Replacement O-rings
  • Tube Clamp
  • Male and female Ferrules
  • Compression fittings (TSD1002-17 and TSD1002-18)
  • Reducer adaptor

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fitted with 1/4" "through" compression fitting

  • Technical Specification


Operating Pressure: 100 psi (6.9bar) max
Standard Tube Size: ¼” OD (6.35mm); included
Internal size (Imperial): 11” x 6”
Internal size (Metric): 279.4mm x 152.4mm




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