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Our SmartHeat technology built-in all our soldering systems is designed to automatically ensure a consistent soldering iron tip temperature under a wide range of thermal loads, practically without external adjustments.

All conventional soldering irons tend to work in the same way: constant power and variable tip temperature. The power in Watts supplied to the soldering tip is constant during soldering and determined by the tip temperature set-point. The problem is that during soldering the thermal load on the heater increases, and the temperature of even a correctly calibrated iron will naturally fall as it supplies thermal energy to the increased thermal load of the colder joint. In order to bring the joint up to reflow temperature, to speed up the soldering time or to reduce the iron's recovery time, generally the operator increases the iron tip temperature often up to its maximum setting. This, of course, increases the chance of damage being caused by overheating. In real world production environments, with differently sized solder joints, conventional soldering irons are unable to cope with the continuously variable thermal demands.

SmartHeat soldering irons approach manual soldering in a totally different way: it is the tip temperature that is kept constant and not the power supplied to it, and the power varies automatically. SmartHeat detects the increase in thermal load demanded by the larger heat capacity of a bigger joint and compensates by increasing the power. 

Because our systems use SmartHeat Technology:

  • They are incapable of overshoot
  • They do not need any calibration, ever
  • They deliver high throughput at lower temperatures
  • They offer an easy to use, versatile conduction tool for all soldering and rework applications 

Other advantages are:
  • Easiest tip Cartridge swap in the industry. Our tip cartridges slip in and out with no tools, and heat-up extra fast.
  • Our hand-pieces are lightweight and ergonomic with a short tip-to-grip for precise control
  • Optimized bench space with small footprint
  • Automatic time-out increasing tip cartridge life



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SmartHeat Technology: Power on Demand vs Fixed Power

SmartHeat Tutorial
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