BVX-203 Filter unit for 2 stations, Pre-Deep Bed Gas


The BVX-203 is a two operator, Pre-Deep Bed-HEPA-Gas volume extraction system designed to be used adjacent to the workbenches.

Features and Benefits :

  • Two station design for dynamic fume extraction
  • New brushless motor, quiet operation 
  • Complete portability, placed under or next to the bench-top 
  • Fitted with 2x 50mm (2") ∅ arms or 1x 63mm (2.5") ∅ arm 
  • Main filter has a HEPA efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 micron, and an activated carbon filter to remove additional gases
  • Audible alarm informs operators when filters need replacing
  • Easy access on/off remote switch


Product Comprises of:

  • BVX-200 Unit
  • Set of Pre-filters (FP-BVX200, pack of 5)
  • Gas filter (FG-BVX200 Deep Bed Gas Filter)
  • Remote power switch
  • No arm included
** OKi branded products are being rebranded to Metcal.  The product will remain functionally the same, with the same performance now under the globally recognized Metcal name.  During this transition period, you may receive products with either the OKi or Metcal name. Learn More. **

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