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Metcal's new Solder Tip Cleaner significantly reduces the cost of ownership for a solder station.

Oxidation on the tip degrades performance by creating a barrier that decreases the thermal transfer of the heat to the solder joint.  This barrier slows performance and if not corrected will damage the tip.  Proper tip care is essential to maximize the life of the tip.


Metcal's new Solder Tip Cleaner removes oxidation and extends the life of the solder tip.  By placing the tip into the opening, the tip cleaner senses the tip and automatically activates saving the operator time.  A replaceable brush system pulls excess solder away from the tip into a removable collection tray for disposal while removing oxidation from the tip.  A splashguard prevents debris from escaping the collection area.  The unit ships with a universal AC power adapter that ensures the unit is ready for use.


Features and Benefits

• Contactless Activation

• Compact Footprint: Surface area on the bench top is at a premium. This unit doesn't disappoint, taking only minimal footprint on your bench top.

• Replaceable Brush System: Allows for easy replacement of the solder brush providing for a long useful life for the system.

• Universal Power Supply: Simple plug and play anywhere in the world.

• ESD Safe

• Quiet Operation


Accessory Part Numbers

AC-STC - Solder Tip Cleaner

AC-STC-BBRUSH - Solder Tip Cleaner. Replacement Brushes(pair)

AC-STC-GUARD - Solder Tip Cleaner, Rubber Splash Guard

AC-STC-TRAY - Solder Tip Cleaner, replacement Tray


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